About Us
M4M Private Fleet was born as a micromobility platform that can assist you in easily setup a fleet in a matter of days.

Our turnkey platform does all. It gives you a backend management operations, IoT connectivity, payment gateway, long-term rentals, multiple hardware integrations and more.

We want to give everyone the tools to capture a piece of the multi-billion-dollar micromobility market, which is why our platform will get any-sized shared mobility business up and operating within days and in the industry's most cost-effective ways. You can even start with 1 vehicle!

Via the platform we will help you manage your operations and equip you with the tools needed to scale across the globe, because it's in all of our best interests to make roads more accessible, sustainable and ready for the future.

We have experience in both hardware and software.

And we are here to assist you start a profitable feet.

Contact us about starting your fleet today.