M4M Private Fleet Applications
M4M Applications for iOS and Android
Full Legal Compliance for the Users / Riders
M4M Private Fleet system provides full customization to meet legal requirements for riders set by legal authorities. Requirements may include:
Acceptance of usage agreement;
  • Waiver of liability;
  • Upload of ID;
  • Upload of a driver's permit.
M4M Partners may help to determine legal requirments for the riders in your jurisdicton, if any.
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Detailed Zoning Limitations
M4M Private Fleet system provides clear information to the users about geographic limits within which vehicles can operate. Fleet owner can customize different actions to enforce geo fencing rules. These actions include:
  • Sound warning signals and buzzing;
  • Decrease in speed;
  • Complete stop in operations;
Fleet owner may customize actions that user should do if he accidentally took scooter or bicycle outside the designated geo fencing zone.
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M4M iOS and Android Application
M4M iOS and Android application includes all features necessary to successfully operate private fleet as well as classic rental and shareable model.

M4M iOS and Android can be customized to meet Clients specific requirements, including branding, payment processing, functionality and reporting.
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White Label App
You can now have your own branded iOS and Android application for your clients to get access to your fleet.

With your own branded iOS and Android your customers will use your own brand instead of M4M. Great to build your brand and use your logo, your brand colors, etc.

Some examples:
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