OKAI ES600 IoT integrated with swappable battery kick scooter for sharing or rental fleets

Original price was: $1,399.00.Current price is: $1,299.00.

Notice: This particular model of the Segway Max Plus is made for the German market and comes with a plate that states the Vehicle Identification Number that is registered with the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt.


Sturdy model from Segway with an IoT that is integrated below the dashboard and double front suspension fork.

OKAI ES600 Scooter with IoT management tool is an internet controlled kick scooter that can be operated as part of M4M Private Fleet Cloud platform.

The ES600 is designed for fleet sharing operators, consists of a single-piece unibody design, low center of gravity wide deck and rear wheel protector. The overall frame stability and new stem design increases the average lifespan of every scooter while also improving the bottom line.

Newly engineered vertical phone holder to secure and lock your phone upright while riding. Insert and remove with just one hand. Easily use navigations apps and charge your phone so you’re always ready to roll.

The built-in handle makes the battery easy to remove and allows users to quickly swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones. The ES600 is the most efficient electric sharing scooter to hit the road.

  • Net weight: 32kg
  • Hill climb: 25º
  • Max Power 700w
  • Scooter size (cm): 1260*620*1210 (mm)
  • Maximum Load: 100kg / 220Lbs
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h – 15mph
  • Riding range: 55km / 34miles
  • Battery Rated Capacity: 14.4AH, Charging time: 3A<5H
  • Tire: Solid tire
  • Lock & unlock through both GSM and BLE 4.1
  • Multi-mode geolocation through GPS, GLONASS and BDS
  • Audible voice prompts and alarm sounds through onboard speaker
  • Illegal scooter movement alert / Topple alert
  • Every important part of your product can be monitored
  • Motor deactivation / Power limitation / Speed limitation
  • UL cerfified.

Every OKAI sharing e-scooter and sharing e-bike comes with a built-in IoT.

The patented 4th generation module was designed and custom built in-house by OKAI engineers to ensure a clean in-frame vehicle integration.

OTA updates for the controller reduce maintenance times on the software side.

The IP55 rating ensures your vehicles are protected against water & dust ingress.

Stay connected with reserve power for up to 20 days, even when your main battery is low. With full range best-in-class IoT functionalities.

IoT comes with Hologram.

OKAI ES600 are sold with min 12month M4M Private Fleet subscription package.


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